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Not Having The Inspiration To Write?

Updated on December 26, 2013

Sometimes you experience a writer's block when you do not have the inspiration to write. This is a real disadvantage for writers who do not have a particular writing period and always have to wait for inspiration to come before they can write. This could make the writing process boring. It can make you less productive in writing.

Putting in place the right tactics to bring back the inspiration to write.

It is true that you can write more when you have the inspiration to or when the ideas occur to you naturally. However, as an aspiring professional writer who wishes to make lots of money through article writing, you cannot afford to rely on inspiration only to churn out your ideas. There are ways you can escape the writer’s block or to manually induce the inspiration so that you will never be short of words. Otherwise, you can also turn your weakness into a strength by putting your writer’s block experience into good use. If you put the appropriate tactics into place, you will be able to bring back the inspiration hence the words and phrases needed to express your ideas.

If you consistently feel the writer’s block whenever you sit behind your pc or notebook to write or when you always have to wait for the inspiration before you can write then, here are some few ideas to help you escape the writer’s block or regain the inspiration to churn out your ideas.

How people come up with ideas-how people express themselves artiste

The first step in overcoming the writer's block is to acknowledge the fact that you are never short of ideas. You are only short of the words to express them that is why you cannot write.

Your mind is also thinking about something be it consciously or subconsciously. If these ideas are in you already, then how can some people able to express their thoughts much better than others can?

Since no person lacks ideas, it means that anyone can express him or herself. The only thing you need is the tool to communicate with the listener or the observer. The truth is, there are so many ways that we use to express ourselves. Writing is just one of the many ways we can use to express ourselves. Painters express themselves differently using the language that they understand much- the art of painting. Writing is how a writer expresses what lies within him or herself. It is way that a writer expresses his or her thoughts and feelings. For a writer to express him or herself well or to communicate indirectly to his or her reading audience, a writer must be equipped with the appropriate tools for communicating in the language which he or she understands best and also which his reading audience can easily interpret.

You may only be experiencing the writer's block or unable to express your thoughts because you are lacking the tools to communicate. You may not have the appropriate words and vocabularies that matches your thoughts or that allows you to put your feelings and thoughts into a physical symbols or a reading format.

Read a lot to equip yourself with vocabularies and more ideas to write about.

It is essential that you read books on article writing to equip yourself with the tools in expressing your ideas. If you write in English, you should often rehearse to peak your fluency. Listen to English programs on the radio and on the TV. Not only will you be equipping yourself with tools such as keywords, technical words and vocabularies for expressing your ideas; you would also be gaining new article ideas to write about. You should also read many materials such as novels, newspapers etc. to equip yourself with more vocabularies and ideas to write about.

Study more about your topic to always have something to write

You should also read extensively about your topic of interesting. You should study more or read more materials on your content so that anytime you sit to write, you won't be loss for words and ideas. You can always have something to write down about your topic of interest.

Knowing much about your topic of interest or that which you mostly write about gives you the confidence to write more. You are also equipped with new ways and patterns of as well as the appropriate technical words related to the topic.

From words come sentences and from sentences comes paragraphs.

From words come more words. From individual sentences come more sentences and ideas. In other words, ideas bring forth more ideas. The words, and phrases or sentences in a particular context perhaps content connect to give birth to more ideas. This means that more ideas evolve from singular phrases and sentences.

Derive more ideas from short simple phrase and your old drafts.

In order also not to experience a writer's block, try to work with short simple phrases as well. You can begin writing with short simple straightforward sentences to guide you towards the fluency stage in writing. You can search through your previous works or your drafts and pick out short phrases. Create new philosophical truths from them.

Your mind and boy prepares itself to the task and time

When you train yourself to write at a particular moment, it becomes easy to come up with ideas at that particular time. This is much like having your meals at a particular time of the day. Your biological clock or system naturally adjusts to that time. Whenever that period arrives, you start to feel hungry. Moreover, if you are not used to eating at certain time of the day, the body can also adjust and you do not feel hungry at that moment. Naturally, the mind and body has a way of adjusting and preparing itself for the meal at the time.

Using this concept, you can surely training yourself to be successful and productive in writing. When you train the mind that way, it is difficult to experience a writer's block when you stick to a particular time of writing. And you won't always have to wait for inspiration before you can write your ideas.

Choose a particular time for writing

Whenever you write during that moment, you find the inspiration and are able to come up with more words. For instance when you get used to writing at dawn, most of your ideas you realize that occurs to you during that moment or time of the day. Whenever you sit behind your notepad or computer during that time, your memory is primed and you realize that ideas start flowing into your mind.

Whenever the moment arrives, Ideas start to occur to you

The writing even becomes more interesting. You do not see the writing even as work but as a hobby. During that period whenever you are not writing, you actually feel incomplete or feel that something has not' been done. You notice that ideas start occurring to you that you have to put down in words. Whenever that moment arrives, the mind begins to prime itself or sort of poke you – to remind you that you have to write. In simple words, the mind prepares itself to write during the moment that you have accustomed it to.

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