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Not Lost in The Woods

Updated on November 2, 2011

Not Lost

Not lost in the woods, I know where I am

But the way to the road is where I can’t reach

I’m walking, wandering, and nourishing abundantly

But I can’t seem to fulfill my hunger or thirst

I look at the light and approach it in sly demeanor

But I’m still flailing as I’m reaching out further

I’m contemplating, planning, and striving my might

But an unknown force somewhere is blurring my sight

I can see, but I can’t see ahead

I can hear, but my voices are not heard

I can touch, but I can’t embrace my sight

I can smell, but I can’t capture my own aroma

I don’t know the reason why I’m here

I don’t know the reason that I need to seek

I know myself, or I don’t recognize my own demeanor

I feel myself, but I don’t recognize my own touch

I’m not lost in the woods, but I’m waiting shattered


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