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Nothing Yet

Updated on March 2, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez a.k.a Jerlin Leroy Has been an aspiring artist, since he was around 8. No matter what it is Music to drawing. He's an artist.

Art 2


Verse 1

A hard book to read looking every where nothing but the greed

Some having to steal just to feed while others working they're bones till they bleed

Non fiction not fixing can't you tell somethings missing

Word of advice life's a gamble without the dice

Think first cause nothing comes twice

Sitting here far from enjoyable

Just another troop that's deploy able..............

Art 3


Verse 2

Are you getting something yet If not how about we make a bet

Lets play some Russian Roulette

2 Bullets in the 6 chamber

Life's a blessing but I'm constantly in danger

Wu Tang style leave your whole species Endangered

Does Momma Still want to sing me something

I'm Finding this pretty numbing

Haven't lived a full but I already lost Somethings

I'm all alone with the uglies and the junkies

Sticking to the pipe dreams

Been working hard time for a nights sleep .......

Gotta make it from nothing ...

Something to set the mood

© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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