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Novel Writing-Dealing With Writers Block

Updated on March 20, 2011

The dreaded writers block,

Having experienced this many times I wasn't surprised when it raised its ugly head during the first draft of my novel. Having worked out the plot, I knew where I wanted to take my characters, and even how to get them there. But every word I typed out on the screen was wrong.

So again I hit the Internet, reading a lot of tips and advice, weeding out what worked for me and what didn't. So I am going to list them here in the hopes that I may help someone else struggling with the same thing we all do. The dreaded writers block.

Relocate, if you are sitting in the dark corner of your kitchen, facing the walls then inspiration may be hard to find. If you are able too move your writing area to new place preferably near windows and open light, then give it a go I am sure you will notice the difference. If you have a laptop, then pack up and go to the park, fresh air does wonders to help break the writers block.


Take a break. There is nothing wrong with turning of the computer, or closing your note book and walking away for a day. Go out side, visit with friends, and see a movie. Turn your brain off for a while and touch base with the rest of the world for a bit. It will do you and you’re writing the world of good.

Write something else. A great way to beat writers block is to go out of your comfort zone and write a short story outside of your normal genre. Try your hand at poetry or song writing. Start a blog or a Hub Page, having others read your work can be an amazing incentive to keep writing.

Look up some writing competitions, pick two and start writing for them.

Writing is about being creative, so if you get stuck on one thing, try your hand at something different, by the time you return to your novel your out look will hopefully be refreshed and your confidence somewhat restored.

Read a book, in the same genre of the novel that you are writing, so you are reminding yourself of the elements that you need to cover in own story. At the same time as relaxing. After all, all writers started as readers.

Research, sit back with a cuppa and surf Wikipedia and your other favourite information sites for more ideas around the theme or background of your novel. Visit art sites and find images to match scenes in your novel, inspiration hunting.

Get up and go do it.

If your characters ride horses then book yourself in for an afternoon ride, Find something that you can go out and do that will tie in with your story somehow. It might just be more fun then you thought it would be at the same time as being a great insight to what our characters might be feeling up there on that horse for the very first time.

Pick up pen, sometimes its good to go back to basics, get a notebook with a crisp new page and write a short story about your characters, before they appear in your novel; explore some off their fears, hang ups or past relationships. This may lead too new idea for riting your novel and help beat wruters block all at the same time.

Start a writing journal, write about how frustrated you are, how you feel about writing and what you want to achieve.

Now you have a writing journal, don’t waste it just for the moments of writing block it’s a valuable resource to you as a writer.

Everyday fill it with thoughts about your writing, ideas for other projects, dreams you have had or interesting people that you meet.

Write down your goals and dreams that you have for your writing, be as ambitious as you want after all it’s your dream.

But then plot some steps on how you are going to reach this dream.

My first writing dream was to finish a first complete draft of a novel, so I promised myself and declared to my husband that I was going to write no less then 2000 words a day. And most days with his support I managed to work on this goal. In five months time, I was holding my finished draft. A great feeling I can admit J

But the best advice I ever got about beating writers block especially half way through a novel was...

To keep writing, even if you know that you are going to have to come back with a team of editors, keep writing; get those ideas on the page, force your mind to be creative and soon those words will flow. I find in the worst of my writing frustrations that it takes about a thousands words before I have settled back into the easy flow of the creative process. Remember you can always come back later and rewrite it, but at least you will have the skeleton of your idea on the page to start with.

Above all remember why you started writing in the first place, if it’s your passion, your dream to write then do so. Writers block is like the flu, if not beaten early it only gets worse. Keep writing; keep dreaming no one can stop you but you.


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    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      I find that writing out my block can work, but there is nothing like relaxing the brain muscles for a while :)

      thanks for the comment!

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

      This is great, and yes taking a break seems to work best. Bravo for this brilliant hub!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      Me too. Whenever I have a writer's block, I'll keep on writing, even short phrases or notes just to get by. Good hub.