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Nth Love Story

Updated on August 15, 2016
I was never a perfect author for the perfect love story.
I was never a perfect author for the perfect love story.

Every author dreamt of making millions of love stories to make everyone fall in love over and over again, but most of the "everyone" who reads those stories doesn't want to make new stories with new characters every time the story they're reading ends.

Even though I know I'm already happy with what I have now, I still have those moments when I'm alone, drinking coffee or beer and looking at the twinkling stars when I think about all the people who came to my life, stayed for awhile and walked away. That's when the "what ifs" hit me.

What if I loved that person more?
What if I loved that person less?
What if I just walked away from the start?
What if I never met that person at all?
What if I kissed more?
What if I hugged more?
What if I fought harder?
What if I tried over and over?

Would it have made a difference? And if it did, would it have affected me more or the other way around? Would I still be debating with myself whether or not I made the right decisions or the wrong ones? Would it be worth knowing the answers or knowing nothing at all?

Of all the questions, I only have one answer: I guess I'll have to read more books to decide, and when that time comes, I'll know, but I'll keep on reading anyway.


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