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Number 100

Updated on June 22, 2011
Me, at my desk.
Me, at my desk. | Source

Over the last 22 months, I have written about a myriad of topics from work related issues to my life here in Lulawissie. Some of the articles I wrote were interesting and some were not. Some were meant to be funny but weren’t, and a few of them were useful to many of you readers for various reasons.

So this time, rather than write about any one of the fascinating topics that I come up with at the drop of a hat, I am going to write about getting here to number 100.

Where do I come up with these gems of rhetoric? Sometimes I ponder that question myself. The smallest nuance of my daily life can seem to trigger a flood of thought and imagination in the mass of gobbledygook that I keep hidden so neatly between my ears. I keep notes of these thoughts and try to write about them when I have the opportunity. In fact, for every hub that I have posted, there is another one or two that goes unpublished, and is filed away in my computer as a “work unfinished”, and more of myself for my kids and grandkids to learn about long after I have departed this planet (I’m building a spaceship in my basement).

But so much time has been spent in my little office pondering worthless lines of rhetoric. So much time has been spent sitting in my desk chair staring out of the window at the lake, thinking of the Ivory Bills out on Fahy’s Island. So much time has been taken away from my wife as she patiently waits for me to stop writing for the evening and spend some time with her down on the dock, or walking along the shoreline. When I start writing, I am like the “Absent Minded Professor”. I lose track of time and all sensibility.

Sammie has been patient with me, much more so than I would have ever expected her to be. But she knows my love of writing. She knows that the only thing more peaceful to me than creating the written word is being in her arms, and she knows that I will always return there. It is for Sammie, my bride of nearly 30 years and the love of my life that I dedicate these last one hundred articles and stories to.

I may not be adding articles at the same pace here anymore. I want to spend more time in Sammie’s arms and enjoy the best thing that I have in my life as much as I can. Our last offspring to leave home is getting married in two weeks, and then we will have an empty nest to ourselves. I want to relish the future with her now that we have the time to ourselves after nearly three decades of childrearing. One of our favorite things to do in the summertime is to go down to Tak Ishiro's produce farm and enjoy some of his black skinned watermelons. I think that this year we will relish the fruit even more, with new time on our hands.

But you readers have been loyal and few and I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to stop by and see what’s happening here in Lulawissie. I wish you all continued good fortune and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

I bid you peace.

©2011 By Del Banks


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