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Ode to a Divine Angel

Updated on January 25, 2019

In 2012, I still feel this way

I beg your leave to randomly express my excess feelings for my Queen: This is not the main content but the spill-over of my feelings that my heart can no longer contain...

She sits atop the expectations of my heart - this gift from the Ancient of Days! She inadvertently commands praise and holds bound every fibre of my being. her smile makes the daylight look like the low current of Nigerian NEPA by comparison. And her eyes? Oh! Those eyes that make me fall, stand and fall in love again and again like the equal distribution of colours on the Nigerian flag.

Her laughter sounds like the exciting tinkle of angelic cacophony as they praise their Maker. Her skin is irridescent in its glow and reminds me of Noah's Rainbow; shining at night with phosphorescent cadence and its smoothness is a mystery in perfect study.

Now I understand how the Lord can both be the LION and the LAMB because in the midst of her no-nonsense attitude to nonsense, she exhibits motherly kindness and unfathomable grace. Trust me, it's inexplicable!!

Her culinary skills are the stuff the soon-coming Nigerian FOOD CHANNEL is made of. She turns raw materials into perfectly combined ecstacy that get my taste buds a-wash with the fluids of anticipation. Her kitchen ALWAYS churns out masterful pieces of history making dishes and the aroma? Hmmmmm! Better imagined than described!!

What else do I say? Vocabulary eludes my Medula Oblangata and they say I suffer from Insomnia!!! Dem no understand say LOVE DEY SPEAK NEW LANGUAGE EVERYDAY and me ma just dey go with the flow.

Babe, you are awesome - Anytime, Anyway, Anyday! "I LOVE YOU" has become the understatement of the year.

1. Carved from the most exquisite of divine trees

Formed in the eye of the gentlest breeze

There she comes - one that makes my blood repeatedly freeze:

My Angel Bertha - Ha! The world agrees...

2. Chuchupee - the newest member of the divine choir

Sent to take me an octave higher

Marital Bliss and Ministry Afire

Caught in her golden flare

3. An Angel befriended by Felicia Ayuwo;

Inspirational Duo - I won't interrupt the flow

Better am I for it, y'know

And, boy! Am I basking in irridescent glow!!

4. Allow me to pause and think a little

My adjectives need to shine brighter than her kettle

Fortune, they say, is not consistent but fickle

I take exception: I'll forever dance to Bertha's fiddle...


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