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Ode to Solitude

Updated on January 3, 2014

A Friend, a Foe, still Unknown

Tiptoed on the Sly

While lights were all gone.

Percolating through Darkness

Over a Seat Unclaimed

Yet Dear; She locked away

All Heartfelt Mirth

In lasting gasp: For a death, for a rear.

Not known the day Numbness

Filled Shadows from her cold wet hands

Still Bubbles Fly in air

Keeping her captive in Desert Lands.


Night’s bosom, Day’s deceit

Leaves no trick for the Paramour

To Grapple; Unmasked Graves yet

Suckles the Rosary of her name

To sleep in Seas without a ripple.

Squatting Clouds drop in a heap

Owning tatters of Broken Nests

Strewing the Fledglings struck in Awe

To Fly where She Eternally Rests.

She needs to dwell every home

Even though it may be once

In a while; Waves yet surge

In the moving vast Ocean

Holding her hand to walk the Mile.


Unknown Roads begin to Unwind

As her Footsteps crosses the Door

No matter how much you hate her

She will make you love even more.

When all Faces go up in Smoke

Her Flickering Flame will hold

Your breath; None could see you

But her Peerless Eyes

Closing Finally only in Death!


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