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Updated on July 27, 2015
The Editor's Mind
The Editor's Mind | Source

There can be One. Only One.

I am singular. An Individual anomaly wrapped in skin. Energy enough for ten cities powered from my heart; powered from within. One

I am combustion. I am light. A furnace of love; my life in my eyes. Built from your remnant parts. I am perfectly redesigned. One

Perfect number. A perfect host. One out of a million. My spirit lingers alone. I am a ghost but my body is not prone. I am the One. One.

Though your personality hates me and your maturity berates me-I thrive. You chase me with your eyes and lie to me through your smile because I am the One.

I administer rapid responses to nominal noise that breaches the lips of flagrant- fools. I impose my presence on lesser values of intelligence as I maintain my cool.

I am the standard and the demand of the population. The One that stands out and forces reintegration. The One

The feeling of hope. The provider of scope. I pretend to hear no noise and view this as a joke. I carry around the lessons learned and watch as bridges are burned. The One.

The One for you. The One for a small few. I am the only One. You cannot be like me. These brown eyes of mine; this flowing mane. I am the lioness.

Send Judah first. I go forth-dancing-dancing.

The war is mine. I fight for hearts. You love me. You can’t help but to endorse me.

There will never be another. No not another One.


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