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Holiday Christmas Stories

Updated on December 18, 2017

Christmas Things

Christmas Things by Banks Jefferson

During the holiday season, we enjoy the gifts but we remember the words and actions of love. This is what "Christmas Things" is all about. Peace and Happy Holidays to all.

CHRISTMAS THINGS by Banks Jefferson

It is Christmas and the smell of gingerbread is in the air. Mom is in the kitchen baking and snow is everywhere. Searching for a great tree is a delightful bit of work, later sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming for all it's worth. Cookies, Christmas wrappings and sleigh rides abound, making it such a wonderful way to get into town. The Christmas ornaments shimmer in the bright fire light, reminding us of Christmas past, on a cold winter's night.

Cakes that look like houses and some shaped like Christmas gifts, cookies full of calories that are nowhere on our list. Doggies dressed in hats and sweaters, little booties too, tells you that it's Christmas and Santa's coming too. Music and carols that are centuries old, sung by young voices only 80 years old.

Carmel coated popcorn and hot Chocolate Lattes too, help to comfort the shoppers as they say," A chew." The Christmas days are cold, as the wind whistles into town, making the icicles crackle as they fall to the ground. Salvation Army kettles ringing in the news, that someone other than us might need a pair of shoes.

We do our holiday cleaning getting ready for our guest, being so very proud of our special little nest. Placing all the Christmas lights with assembly line precision, wondering what has brought about these candy coated visions. These are the things of Christmas, how we love to watch them too. We may say Bah Humbug, but that means I love you too.



I asked an old Black man how did he feel, "he said I feel good," and stayed perfectly still.

I asked a Young Black Man how did he feel, he said, "I feel good, "and stood perfectly still.

The Old Black man said, "I didn't believe I'd live to see. "

The young Black man seemed to believe neither would he?

I saw Jessie Jackson with tears in his eyes,

Watching the plan that God had devised

Martin Luther said he had been there to see, he had heard from one that was stronger than he.

Martin tried to say, but the world wouldn't believe, that he had seen what would be achieved

He left us so soon maybe this wasn't his stop but he left us a map to reach for the top.

No man knows what God has for a plan,

For he walked on water in the form of a man

A man named Obama has come our way.

To let us all know that hope came to stay.

Celebrating Sunrise

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Gift Baskets for the Holidays

The Coca-Cola gift baskets are so adorable. They are colorful gift baskets filled with goodies. The butter crunch toffee cookies, the fruit, nuts, and cheese spread crackers. The Coca Cola gift basket has such a selection of treats. Food and coca cola has always worked well together. Yummy, sounds so nice.

The coca Cola bear is a standing tradition with Coca Cola, especially during the holiday season, having the cuddly bear combined with the gift basket is a plus. The basket like bucket reminds you of the days when sodas were put into a tub of ice on a hot summers day. You would reach in and think your hand was going to freeze off before you could get your coke out.

You get a bottle opener a plate and coasters. It is always possible for a few of these items to become collector’s items. These Coca Cola gift baskets can be given for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or for no special holiday at all. These baskets are priced from $49.95 to $89.95.

You can relax and enjoy your Coca Cola gift basket at your leisure. Coca Cola is a tradition and so is the gift basket, a tradition complimenting a tradition. People have been using gift basket to say hello, welcome, and so many other warm things. The Coca Cola gift basket carries useful items just as the baskets of old were used for carrying needed items. The Coca Cola gift basket carries on this traditition.

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