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Odd's Lot, a serial novelette (5)

Updated on August 9, 2017

Pickles is Packing

Easy turned left off Franklin St. and started to slow down.

"What the hell Easy? Let's go, what'ya doing?" Lucky looked over at his large friend.

"That's Pickles ride right there coming at us ain't it?." There was no mistaking the pink Mary Kay Escalade coming toward them.

"Shit! Flash your lights, cut her off." Lucky reached across and banged the horn causing Easy to crank the wheel left as he knocked the invading hand away. "Oww motherf-lookout!"

Donna Fiorelli slammed on the brakes of her massive Cadillac to avoid hitting what she quickly realized were her brothers friends swerving toward her. "Jesus Christ!" The accident avoided she unbuckled her seat belt and jumped out of the SUV leaving it running in the street. "Where's my brother?" She shouted at the two men getting out of their car. "Easy why aren't you with him?" Lucky came around the front of the car talking.

"Donna, listen-"

"I know-" She cut him off

"What do you know? I didn't say nothin'."

"My Dad killed Johnny Abagnale and the cops got him, I know. Is that where Odds is?" Easy answered her.

"Yeah, Billy Squires ran up on us and told him about your old man. Took him to metro I guess. He told us to tell you and then go over to the bar." Donna started moving to the back of the Escalade. Lucky followed her trying to talk in a soothing tone.

"Hey Donna, I'm sure it's just some misunderstanding and it'll all work itself out. We called Vic Mancuso and -" Donna cut him off as she opened the tailgate of her vehicle.

"I'm sure there is no mistake or misunderstanding and I'm sure my father killed him. Easy go get my brother and tell him to leave Dad there and come to the bar." She was moving cosmetic samples and opening compartments.

"Leave him there? Pickles what the hell?" Lucky grabbed her briefly to try and talk to her and she dislodged herself with surprising force.

"Back off Antonelli you don't know what's going on?" She went back to moving things in her vehicle. "Vic will take care of my father and everybody else, including my brother needs to get to the bar now. So Easy do what I say and go and get him. Lucky you can come with me."

"Yes ma'am" Easy headed back toward his car.

"Hold on there Easy. What's going on Donna? What don't we know?"

"Easy just go pick him up and carry him out if he gives you trouble.Go!." With a shrug at his friend Easy backed his car up and headed out as Donna turned to Lucky. "Here take this and get in, I'll explain on the way." He looked down and even though Lucky had seen enough TV shows and movies to recognize what his friends little sister was holding he still asked.

"What's this?"

"It's a Mac-10 sub machine gun, it's a little old but in great shape." She put it in his hands and indicated on the weapon. "Here's the safety, it's on now so leave it that way until you wanna fire, then just point and shoot." She handed him two additional ammo clips."Lots of power a little kick and short range but that's okay they'll be close enough. There's 30 rounds in each clip."

"Who will be close enough?"

"Johnny's boys or the Feds whoever gets there first now lets go." She slammed the tail gate and headed toward the driver side door.

Odds was on the verge of reaching across the desk and popping the Sergeant right in the face. At least if he got thrown in lock-up maybe he'd get to see his old man. His phone ringing in his pocket halted the oncoming assault, he looked at the caller ID.

"Easy what's going on did'ya talk to my sister? Are you at the joint yet? You called Mancuso right?"

"Yeah Odds, we talked to Vic and your sister. Lucky is with her now going over to Aces and Mancuso is on his way to the station but Odds...

"Easy what is it?Spit it out?"

"Pickles wants you to leave your Dad there and for me to bring you to the bar. She said I should pick you up and carry you out if you wouldn't come."

"What the hell is she talking about,leave him here?"

"She said Mancuso would handle it and dude..."

"What Easy what? for Chrissake?!"

"Dude she gave Lucky a piece."

"She what?"

"And not just regular iron man serious shit. He just sent me a picture on my phone. Take a look."

bumbahduhdum-the playful tone of the arriving picture contradicted what Odds saw on his screen.

"Holy shit, he got that from my sister?"

"That's what he says."

"Come around the back of the station the front is filled with reporters. I'll meet you there"


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    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 

      5 years ago from Deep South, USA

      This latest plot development certainly aroused my curiosity. I'll try to be patient while awaiting the next installment.



    • Better Strangers profile imageAUTHOR

      John Manfredi 

      5 years ago from Midwestern USA

      Thanks so much --I think that's a good thing for a serial. Keep reading!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I wish each post were longer. I want more every time!


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