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Ode To Mozart

Updated on June 22, 2014

Who in your view is the All time Greatest Music Composer?

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart | Source

The Eternal Ambrosial Stream

Of Ethereal Soulful Melody

Flows through the Crevices of Time

Hallowed to the Chimes of Conduits

For a Heavenly Pleasure Unknown!

Time that has streamed away

To the long lost waves of Sea

Bear the hues of a unique Soul

Who made the skies Blossom

As the Piano kept chiming Bliss!

Depths of Despair Unbridled

Has found the Joyous Wings finally

After the Rusticles of long decades

Were thawed to soothing Raindrops

By Love bloomed out of a thousand strings.

Mozart's Requiem being performed
Mozart's Requiem being performed | Source

Wherein lies the twists and turns

And silent tiptoeing of the Unknown

To valleys where twilight beams all day

Lie the Rebirth of Souls uniquely

Bequeathing new life to the Master!

A thousand birds sing in unison

As their Flight knows no bound

While the winds carry the Magic Wand

Making life all around alive once more

To tunes Cascading of such a joyous heart!

The Spring that lasted for a while only

Has entwined countless blooming seasons

In its formless bouquet of presentation

Transcending all barricades of time and age

To be the Greatest Gift Music had to offer ever!


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