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Ode To Shiva

Updated on August 2, 2017

The thoughts of your solitary dreams
have killed me
moment per moment.

The illuminating gleams of your eyes
that proclaimed nothing
but your indecisive monologues
(of how your rainbow has faded
by another thunderstorm),
have put me in caged heaven.

And the rain brought
the time I have wanted;
the moment I saw your lips
painting this lustrous night

Let me sing the melody
of my dead trances
which were summoned by those
monotonous music of your persistence
(how I wish I could hear it
with my very ears)

Let me dance with you
under the spells of Luna;
and witness how our feet
would bring each other
to the world
only you and I know.

Let me trace the lines you made
on the sands
and end it with those in my palms-
and together,
we would start the story
Adam and Eve
failed to conclude.


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