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Ode to a Very Bad Week: By Mom

Updated on October 28, 2011

With love to my son who did in fact have a very bad week!

I've had the worst week Mom, you haven't a clue

It all started Monday I sat in cow poo.

Which followed by Tuesday I woke up in a fit

The clock flashing 12:00 since the power had quit.

At 8:10 I threw on some clothes in a rush

Then looked at my hair and just gave up the fuss.

It only got worse as I ran down the street

And saw to my horror what I'd put on my feet.

A fuzzy blue slipper now made its debut

In place of what should be my other brown shoe.

Wednesday's ordeal in the lunchroom was tragic

A senior depantsed me (it really was classic).

As if my disgrace was not fully complete

YOU subbed on Thursday in math...what a treat.

By Friday you'd think I'd have curled up and died

But who could've guessed I had luck on my side!

A call from my buddy, a fishing invite

Could Friday night close out my hell week so bright?

I battled a whopper like nothing I'd fought

I wrestled for hours (well, that's what I thought!)

We pulled out the big net and what would you know

That fish broke the line leaving nothing to show.

And while this weeks ranks as the worst I have had

A lousy day's fishing still outweighs the bad!


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    • sentimental profile image

      Capt Semant 7 years ago from India

      Nicely written..a complete stuff with live expressions

    • mhaydock profile image

      mhaydock 7 years ago from Illinois

      With the exception of the fuzzy blue slipper, this really did happen! If you're wondering how he sat in cow poo, my now 18-yr. old works on a dairy farm. He was at the tail end of his sophomore year when this tragically bad week occurred. Thanks for your comments and support

    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 7 years ago from USA

      Very cute poem! Fishermen everywhere will relate to it.