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Ode to the Weeping Sakura

Updated on July 18, 2017

Light, sun-kissed skin

Thick, flushed hair flowing in the wind

Fingertips grazing the water's surface

She gently caresses the wind

Almost like a baby

She sings him to sleep

She watches him grow

She has seen people come and go

People have broken up and gotten married under her watch

She has learned to shield people from the sun and rain

Protect them from their fears

She cuts her hair every fall

And grows it out every spring

She grew from a seed to a ten foot tree

The weeping sakura stand tall and free

She stands strong yet she dances with the wind

People are welcomed with petals and a breeze

Roots act as a cushion and protection from dirt

As time goes on,

She grows old and withered

The dead, bare branches are left there as a memory

Of a tree everyone loved

They built an orchard around her

And many became her children

The wind still visits her

And so do you

That tree is like a real woman

With family and full of love

© 2017 Samuel Eliot


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    • RosarioBVillaluz profile image

      Rosario B Villaluz 8 months ago from Philippines

      nice one

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 8 months ago from the short journey

      A delightful read! :)