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Of Creative Non-fiction And True Things

Updated on July 25, 2015

Of Creative Non-fiction and True Things

For 2015 now, I was walking throughout my neighborhood and seriously with God. I do like to pray when I am walking. And this, I do remember Joe or Joseph is his name and on March 10, 2015, he picked myself up at the gas station since that night I was trying to hide from police and I liked him immediately. He was buying stuff for his friends and I gave him my number. I do remember he gave me a big hug and he told me about a crack house over by She Been out on Rising Sun Avenue, there was out of question, in no way would I show. So that night I was hiding out in our church chapel @Saint William's Holy Roman Church but when I returned home, damn police had come twice to my doorway so I had to be 302ed over in Friend's Hospital and I was there twice over

a homeless lying person, my husband had brought into the place where we live. After reading the police report, the police had copied her lies. She was trying to take over my house. What a mess

that person was. So I was 302ed twice. I was talking to the police and they were driving thru the shopping district and they were nice but as God is my witness, they were basically stupid 'cause they lie.

And with all my credentials and accolades and counseling from professionals and great doctors,

I am one of the smarter people, you know that since several people were telling myself that and I am such a genius and I am a great professional and very well educated like all of my family. They are whose that or whose this and that of us Shea's and that of us Keifers.

Fred Keifer, my brother in law is extremely intelligent, a genius that was raised over in Moorestown, New Jersey. Kelly my sister married very well. And I, myself married very well when I married Jeffrey David Jubelirer that great author only, that poet.

Amd now these days of Joe Falasco, I really do like him and I wanted a great relationship with him

as good friends. He has a good family and like I do likewise. Know that ever is wise.

Except the law and the court system mess with him. They fine him money. They are lying to him.

And he is doing work on that Catholicism and spirituality he has. And the scripture says who has

and I sure like saying as a Shea and author I do got books and awards and many publications like Jeffrey David Jubelirer for he has written many, many things to be on for us now.

I am to do its made truly beautiful and living for I learned that of myself on Wednesday and truly all my writings were made by me and several of my friendships were made and by prayers constantly.

And the Truth is, they placed Joe temporarily in prison and right now I really didn't know why. He says, "why forever." And how things like that I write and how I do love thinking is of happiness for myself. All I was telling my magnificent father was that we will play it out.

And for my works, I sure will and I sure would rather do it was absolutely a book or pieces of writings. And now I love I am to do exactly that. So right now my heart strings do feel like I like Joe,

a great deal. The problem is he is terribly much younger and he needs me.

That's all.

And Timothy Bernard Shea my great brother is on only one of those days that now he does happen to be a grandfather and he is now concerned that he thinks I deserve more care.

And he said the news is that I am a lonely child. Since I am only the first born of six, that's true of

Tim to say that.

I was doing some prayers and readings of a great prayerbook called GATES OF PRAYER, THE NEW UNION PRAYER BOOK , and THE BLESSED ONE IS WHOSE WORD IS DEED AND WHOSE THOUGHT IS FACT.

And of all my writings I do like acknowledgement of the TRUTH and truths and I do write amazing facts.

By and by I pray I will look good and God will take care of many, many of us.

LOVE, that's love is on!


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