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Of Inspiration

Updated on December 18, 2012


Seeking Jesus and a circle of love and grace

And hope that love does reign and that love does rule.

And together we can do all things through Christ Jesus

Who does strengthen us. And by the power of the Holy Spirit

We are given power of the Kingdom Of God. And of Christ, these gifts,

We do receive that. And I do seek a thankful heart and

optimism and mysticism through contemplation and prayer. And I do

ask for God’s Mercy upon all of us and for us Shea’s then I do loose

great graces on us and I have been doing that. And we will be

victorious. And by love, we will witness of the holy faith in Jesus and

share love And find understanding of that our love and life. And we do

already know that all of this is God’s doing!

By Shea Jubelirer

A Little Diddy On December 18, 2012


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