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Of Time and Days - Poems

Updated on February 20, 2019
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David has written poetry since he was 16 years old. He writes 3 poems here which were inspired by his daily living.


To sleep, to dream, to wake,

to breathe, to speak, your thirst to slake,

when moments of time steal away the morning hour,

you hurry and worry your day to begin,

before the light of the sun comes to greet you with its golden glow,

coffees fine aroma, it starts your day,

as the streets hum with early traffic,

a new day dawns in its usual way.

To see, to be, to walk through open daylight,

shops already open,

streets quieter after the morning pilgrimage to work,

the post perused, some left lying for later,

a few phone calls,

work - and time flies by.

To keep, to speak, to muse,

the day moves along,

at this time, in this place.

Doves in the trees without leaves,

now and then fly off somewhere,

to seek out some worms in the earth perhaps,

one lands on a roof and chases another.

Follow that bird, see where she goes,

the dove of peace,

looks to the skies she knows so well,

flying freely over rooftops and trees…

People in parks, shops, malls

and everywhere else,

move about,

slow, fast, frenzied.

Some in queues,

others in coffee shops and eateries,

a little wait, a tasty treat,

seeking companionship, completing tasks,

living life

having only

today, really.


When It Rains

I like it when it rains

it’s cool misty outside

rain keeps falling

fast rushing thud-on-earth sounds

sometimes soft pattering mild

while puddles pool

in places

Can drink something warm

gaze at white-grey skies

with searching, curious eyes

the rain it starts and stops and starts again

how strange this sight of water

falling from above

where dark clouds roam

Conducive to cosy sleep

when it falls

with its comforting, lulling effect

can dream of things forgotten

of time eternal

Wake in the morning

all green and fresh outside

after the rain -

the world seems softer.

Time I Have

A little more distance to cover

I seek a place to rest

on a bench

look out at the blue waters

no whales or dolphins in sight

thoughts I have

they’re always with me

except when I sleep

Conscious of people strolling past

in the distance

a whole bunch of schoolkids frolicking

in the waters

don’t know what the occasion is

a man asked them when I passed by

but I didn’t catch their reply

Getting over the flu

I’m tired already

sit for a bit

it’s so warm too

not like yesterday

which was cold

I look out at the blue

It’s almost always the same

time I have though

nothing big to see to today

Looked for people I might know

on the way

none, that’s okay

it’s too early for the guy

asking for funds for the deaf

to be here

I gave him something last time

he’s probably collecting enough for a drink

don’t know if he’s legitimate

he’s cheerful at least

I start back

get a second wind

to propel me along

to where the car is parked

a man plays his guitar and sings

a polystyrene cup in front of him

for coins and notes

he’s good

sometime I must sit and listen

for a while

give him something

it’s his bread and butter

Time I have today

It’s slowed down

but I must go home

the word processor

wants me

I think

to tap out a few words…

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© 2015 David Edward Lynch


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