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Of What You Dream...

Updated on November 16, 2015


Bee careful, or get an earful, music buzz's cheerful, but is it useful??? Its you, choose-able, emotion & song, got a ring-

Yes but you gotta sing it out mean,

To better anything,

Betting everything,

Everything's off, all the way to the top, by a thread... A sway to stay, swinging away, breeze blows not, still, all day, hanging,

Motionless... Investing in breath, earning,

A living, thinking, creating, human being,

You better run for cover, I'm not playing,

The tune is out June, ceremonies communed, lipsync thinks sync- blink blink, faking begins fading...

Live- alive Hi... HELLO WORLD!!! Mad typing starts writing,


High fiving* ,

Above, stars float by, some shooting, floating... Imploding, others simply just go out, oweing, debt owned for dying...

Most left questioning... Who could do such a thing...

And for what purpose??? I'm wondering...

Was it worth it & yes no I'm not buying,

Fabric fabricated fiction... A story (666), full of lying,




Bullshit... Eiffel tower coward's, I'm caught eyeing,

A dark shadow framework grounded to earth, hidden in plain sight, shining,

Like a silver spoon filling, false teeth filing to fit, grandpaws chaws biting,

Chomping, through a heavy metal skeletal remain, scythe is sharp, now start- swiping,

Wiping away the display, sweat drips from the hip, leaning slips a trip, leading to a quick stinging,

A workout for my minds mouth, salivas bleeding,

Thought's seeping...

Rain again, it's all flooding,




Unclear fear, do you hear, what's lurking, turkey,

Y... Gobble Gobble- Aye quit jerking, with me...

Knee deep in shit... Can't you see,


Have simply, greenery,

Right for eternity,

Or atleast until the end of page 3...

So lets see...

Where do we want to bee,

At the end of our lives, pleading,


Or maybe just, simply arguing,

Fighting inside, everyday that we die, everybody's watching,

Different views of you... Me too.. Not all good, like we all know it should include everyone... But truth... Tough, up to owning?

Exploring, home, eagles soaring, I say fuk it and continue ignoring, it, go back to snoring,

All aboard, boards all aborting,

Mission scrubbed, can't affording,

Where are they now??? Credit card sorting,

Reduce, reuse, recycle- plastic sourcing,

Chopped off my foreskin,

Forcing a bigger plumper chin,

Lost, implant face attack, silicone wins,

Long tooth, thin,


Duke Wellington...

It's the iron duke you fuking little puke- you'd best salute!!! Yes you to know now, the story begins...


Into battle again-

The field, pens wield, attack the track atop horseback, no foes, know friends,

Make amends...

Make plans,

Tattered torn & frayed, dunes turned into sand,

All alone, grains held in hand,

Broken man...

Casting a crooked cracked shadow, webbed with regret, caught up in the net, left, damn...

There was a time, now only memories are to be found,

Fox, hound,

Hunt monk, treasures luck, kilograms pound,

Weighing heavy against earthen mound, hoofs surround,

You've been found...

Led by sound...

Frequencies, numbers... Magic potion, lotioned, hands down,

Song & Emotion- 'Tesla', hexed ya', coils been wound...

Flowing free into the trees, energy's beneath, our feet, grounded, earth live neutral, phases, command


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