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Oh! Nyanya

Updated on May 2, 2014


The cocks crew, horns blared, the sun set

Weak bones become strong

Cries of neonates filled the air

Time to go hustling, oh Nyanya!

Polluted putrid air filled lungs

Minds rummage, how today go be

Uncertainty mask faces like mascara

Still God dey no shaking, oh Nyanya!

Darkness advanced with steady gait

Indoctrinated and brainwashed

With hopes of eternal pleasure

Oh Nyanya you watched innocuously

Darkness struck. Hopes dashed

Shreds of flesh devoid of life lay stacked

Blood flowed like river Niger

The land weeps oh Nyanya!

Dead but not forgotten

Grief tears our heart into infinitesimal bit

Fear of the unknown grips all

Who is next? Oh Nyanya!

Gabriel, Chika Kingsley -GCK-

Dedicated to the fallen compatriots in the Nyanya bomb blast in NIGERIA.


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