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Old Baldy

Updated on January 3, 2013

Across the way

The ferry carries her precious cargo;

In the distance

Emerges the grey stone watchman;

The keeper of the light

"Old Baldy!" people began to shout.

They have come to see the stone watchman;

Its splendor emerges through time;

For years it has been the guardian

Of this hallowed earth and rocky shores;

Keeping ships away from the dangers of the sea;

From atop the hill

This magnificent guardian shouts

"Come to me. I will keep you safe!"

The ferry's passengers hear the call;

This is why they come

To pay homage to the great, grey stone watchman;

Keeper of the light;

Guardian of the sea;

Though you may have not saved them all

You saved some.

Your stone walls tower into the sky;

Gulls fly to and fro around your crown;

Waves crash in a distance;

And there you stand

Great guardian of the sea.


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