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Old Grief

Updated on April 19, 2015

My world shattered into

black,blue, green, and purple.

I had gotten the worst shock

yet. My grandmother was dead.

I didn't even see red. I

was in too much shock to

cry and couldn't try. My

favorite relative and the

stability in my life was no


I pour out my soul.

Cold, unforgiving blue that

usually indicates tranquility,

calm, and peace. Now it is

not just these, but a

profound sadness or grief.

Colors are indicators of

mood according to some.

Black is space and the color

of night. A fight for life,

but losing the battle to

death. Always being called

"Petunia". No more fun


Green for envy and purple

for anger. Why me? Why did

this happen? Why did you

have to go? Blame.

Flame will consume the

body, and though the process

be hard, we will move on,

but still remember.


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