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~Old, Old Soul~

Updated on March 4, 2014

Old soul, you have been missing

for such a long, long time

But I’m searching now to find you

Because rightfully, you’re mine

You’ve stayed with me by memories

That are woven in my past

I didn’t pay attention,

I just thought you’d always last

I never dreamt that you could change

--or completely disappear

I took very much for granted

That I’d always find you here

Then one day, you were missing

Perhaps then, for a while

The first thing that I noticed

Was you took with you my smile

You took too all my laughter

And my airy, cheerful heart

And I saw downtrodden sadness

That never, ever had a part

In fact, I do not like at all

What has been left behind

Old soul, I long to have you back—

I’m setting out to find –

I’m not sure how I lost you,

But I promise you today,

If I ever, ever find you

I will never let you stray

I’ll pay loving, close attention

to that thing that makes me whole

I pray the lost comes home again,

My missing, old, old soul.


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    • lissamasters profile image

      Melissa S Masters 4 years ago from Massachussetts

      Thank you humbly!

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 4 years ago from California

      Beautiful writing!