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Old Poetry from Indonesia with Examples and How to Write that

Updated on May 31, 2018
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley was a teacher at a junior high school. who loves to write and always wants to learn new things about the world of authorship.

Old Poem
Old Poem | Source

Old Poem from Indonesia Called Rhyme

How are you? Hopefully we are all in perfect shape, I will tell you about the form of poetry coming from my country. Old poems have different names in my country. the old poem has its own characteristics. Old poems have begun to lose their speakers. Why? it is due to the old poetry that was originally derived from the talks delivered in a sustainable and hereditary. However, in some places in Indonesia. old poems still survive and used in formal occasions.

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia, as a developing country. Indonesia has a culture similar to literary readers wherever you are. The language we use is the Indonesian language that adopts various regional and foreign languages. Indonesian language language, derived from Malay. precisely the language that is on the island of "Sumatra". The process of mixing multiple languages ​​is the richness of the language itself. so, the habit of the speaker gives birth to an oral literary work we used to call an old poem. Another name of the old poem in Indonesia is "Rhyme".

The process of Rhyme formation based on oral habits that turn into writing, collected by people to make it easy to remember the Rhyme back. That is the basis of the poem called the old poetry of Indonesia, which can survive from mixing cultures including language. although the foundation of its formation has begun to disappear, due to the reduced speakers who are able to recall the Rhyme. Rhyme and old poetry are still characteristic of the speakers in reciting them

The Characteristics of Old Poetry Indonesia

  1. Consists of four lines
  2. the first two lines are called opening
  3. the next two lines are called contents.
  4. Have the same sound of A-B-A-B at each end of the sentence.
  5. The sentence consists of four to eight words.


Based on the five types of characteristics over the long poems, which one do you understand?

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Explanation of Old Indonesian Poetry

The characteristics of the old poems above will I explain just for you all.

No. 1-3 is an old, integrated form of poetry. writing old poetry is generally understood from its form. known from the number of lines of text, if the number is 4 lines. can be indicated as ancient Indonesian poetry. furthermore, understanding the first and second lines. The first line in an old poem called opening is the form of oral communication, how to greet someone, to get attention and get attraction for the person who wants to hear it in delivering the old poem. whereas, the number 3 in the old poem is a message that must be conveyed to the "current audience: Reader" audience. Reduced number of pens As it is now readers. the message to be conveyed of course calls in good deeds. The smiling reader will understand the understanding of the old poem itself.

the process of change is the origin of the emergence of differences of opinion because the old poetry is the foundation of the birth of other poems in our country. Next, the number 4 becomes one of the traits that you will like later. help you translate old poems that I distributed to the Indonesian language. in the past, you will find a letter equation at the end of a sentence with a form corresponding to the number four. Finally, the number 5 is a conventional form that has been established with a linguist based on a source who has learned the truth. whether you are familiar with the characteristics of old Indonesian poetry.

learn to read poetry
learn to read poetry | Source

Examples of Old Indonesian Poetry Themed Feelings of A Lover

Book on his far away table

Looking meticulously did not meet

I work a full day

For the baby and yourself

In the dark drinking herbal medicine

Lightning and lightning strike the spikes

Tonight I'm yours

Until the end of you in my hug

Bricks as its ingredients

Build the house to order

The treasure and the throne have mine

Only you are the only woman I love

We sail across the continent

Go reach for ideals

Together we will age

Until death breaks us


Have you ever written a poem?

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Examples of Old Indonesian Poetry Themed About Teenagers

Where the leech comes from

From the fields to the times

Where love comes from

From the eyes down to the heart

Road to market week

About to buy a red shirt

I know women are embarrassed

Because of the blushing cheeks

Went to school with a notebook

Write the story above the book

I am glad to see your sweet smile

Will you be my lover

a sign of love
a sign of love | Source


Old poem above, when you translate using Indonesian. will appear and produce the same sound equations while reading. The vowels of the vowels are: A-B-A-B. according to the characteristics of the old poem itself.

Old poetry has its own message for the reader. The purpose of the message in the old poem to bring goodness in social life. Please try to know my explanation. by copying old poems that are above into the Indonesian language.

Hopefully, this simple information can add knowledge and references to all readers who take the time to increase his knowledge of old poetry from Indonesia. In closing, I would like to say thank you and this article can be useful for you all.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro


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