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Old School Love

Updated on April 9, 2018

Legacy Love

I want that Old school love. Not the Bonnie and Clyde type love no crime love but that pure love almost innocent love you know that Romeo and Juliet type love, that stand by my side throughwhatever Whitney Bobby type love, Ain't trying to rule the world with the B and Jay type love but I would like ride close by in that Ozzie and Harriet type love.

Check this out, I'm looking to build a life with the same sex so I need that rock steady type love. See where I'm going ain't many that look like me been before so I want that uppity type, you know the kind that can cook eggs and rice but won't admit to taking a dump type, Yea that's her. I want that beauty on my arm but gives me the best debates at home. I wanna hate her intelligence because I lose to her wit but she motivates ME not to quit.

I want that bigger than gay type love I wanna move sexuality yea that's it I want to remove sexuality and open up humanity so when people see us they see longevity. Not the lack of life we can produce. Just in case you didn't notice ain't no shortage in sperm so we can build a life in our love. So what I want is that album spinning no television playing just conversing type that let me pick your brain know what you thinking type.

I want her to let down her guards for me and allow me to enter her psyche while gazing into her eyes and our worlds collide instantly. She gotta have that hold me down Claire Huxtable and a tad bit of that I Rise Maya Angelou but when day finds night she's my Private Dancer.

See I want that old school love, that lets grow old and gray love, that stare at the stars and throw around useless knowledge type love. Forget about time love, walking out on faith type love, leaping out into the unknown type love. Yea see I need that old school love, that ride till we die love, figs and biscuits type love, I want that Legacy Making Love.

© 2013 Tiffany C Jefferson


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I appreciate how you use your words to weave a strong case for grown up love that encourages the child that we all harbor, to come out and perfectly depict the ever changing roles of the child within and the grown up. To me, that is old schol love - a love that is so fearless, that it can be playful and ok with the day-to-day at the same time. You inspire with your words!

    • shanmarie profile image

      Shannon Henry 

      5 years ago from Texas

      This was a beautiful read to me because it can even apply to heterosexual relationships. Very descriptive. I particularly liked the Clair Huxtable reference because I often admired the way the relationship between those two characters was portrayed as light hearted and fun, yet serious and close.

    • Consider Me Human profile imageAUTHOR

      Tiffany C Jefferson 

      5 years ago from New Orleans

      Thank you! I appreciate your time.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This one is definitely my favorite so far! i think it says so much in so many ways!


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