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On Bended Knee

Updated on March 13, 2016

On bended knee, I

beg of you to show me the

show me the way

to the beginning

of what once was.

To take my hand

and lead me in the

rightdirection for

I fear I have failed

you so. Oh dear

lord, I come

before you on


begging you to

show me what is

to be. For I no


this road I’m on

On bended knee I

do call to thee,

please oh lord

show me the way

into the light.

Show me where I

am to go. Oh lord,

I come before

thee on bended

knee and offer

myself to you,

mind, body, and

soul. So please

oh dear lord

won’t you show me the

way. Fore without

you I feel so lost.


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