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On Covid-19: Let Us Reason Together

Updated on March 28, 2020

Local Health Researcher, Inquisitive about how to improve the Health status of the people through the use of fruits that are handy


Finding solution to its

Healing has become hard

Because it is defying

The common methods known

By the scientists and

Researchers. Latest news from

Yahoo, an update from

One of the Universities

Shows that in-vitro method

Of research gives a

Different result from the

In vivo infiltration and mutations

Taking place in the

Host cells which the

Disease infects. This indubitably

Points all to something

That we must not

Rest on our oasis

Neither leave the resolution

Issue to scientists alone

You can be a

Part of the process,

A part of history

Of finding lasting solution

To this menace that

Takes the world by

Storm suddenly, by using

Your inner eyes.

The use of your

Knowledge of logic could

Be employed to trace

The pathogenesis of this disease

If you can do

This you would have

Moved the world forward

By your contributions

Because no one is

All knowing, we all

Are created to help one another

Most especially during the

Period as this, trying

Moments for all and

Sundry all over the world

From the little read

About the group to

Which the virus Covid-19

Belongs, I have these

Closest Animal to Man

If in-vitro would not

Work, we can try

The animal that’s closest

To humans for this

Those animals on getting

Them could be injected

With the virus and

We start monitoring them

With the use of

Myriad technologies at our

Disposal we have been

Made lord over them

We are superior to

Them in thought, understanding

And in communion for

We are God images

This will resolve the

In-vitro method and we

Would come up with

Something remarkably brilliant


Since most documents stated

That the virus reservoir

Is bats we can

Equally make use of them

Bats are said to

Possess dual character in

The studies of it

Scientifically and locally

How we go about

Bats usage is studying

The viral metamorphosis as

It occurs in them

Because it transfers it

To the host cells

Can the metamorphosis be

Altered at this stage?

At any stages in

Bats can genetic engineers

And or generic scientists

Do anything in those bats?


Research reports show that

Mutations that evolved producing

Different strains from the

Original template is albatross

Overcoming this albatross could

Come if our scientists

Could study the numbers

Of mutations that occur

Before it eventually becomes

Virulent, overwhelming host cells

Immune systems. If this

Number could be obtained

My thought is that

This could be employed

As what we produce

Would be targeted at inhibiting

Further laying of the

New virulent templates in

The host cells. This

Is how it is

Like a hunter that

Cannot neither arrest nor

Kill rats in their

Holes employ other means

Contacting other hunters or

Someone to help lay ambush

For the rats as they

Escape from the holes

Those would be vigilant

Pursue the rats, attack

Them and overcoming them

By weapons in their hands

Infected People

Since immunity of host

Cells are affected, to

Maintain lives of those

Affected their immunity should be boosted

Drugs that would boost

Their immune systems should

Be used while treating

Their symptoms "palliatively"


Can extraction be made

From some drugs used

For treating others that

Belong to this group?

They could be modified

By the pharmacists adding

Some new ones to

Them to curb it

Natural Things (Fruits or Seeds)

There are fruits and

Other natural supplements proven

By research documentations to

Be anti-viral agents

Example is Bitter Cola

Scientific name is Garcinia Cola

With other naturally occurring

Substances could be tried

We shall win this

Battle against this Covid-19

This I am sure of

And what would be used

In overcoming it, would

Be something we do

Not pay attention to

Over the years.



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