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On Developing Writing Ideas For Just About Anything Else!

Updated on March 4, 2015

On Developing More Writing Ideas

For Developing Writing Ideas

By Sherry Shea Jubelirer

When any writer begins to write, aspects of the creative process have already taken place or hopefully so. Possibly the writer has given some thought to the writing ideas, he will use. Generating or coming up with ideas along with focus or outline of the poem, article or book is the beginning of the writing process.

How does one find ideas to write about?

I often find ideas by reading. Any good writer does a great deal of reading and a writer may even read more voraciously.

Another bit of advice is that you write about what you know. When you write what you know, its more believable to the reader.

You may need to include research to

increase the content or further substantiate the topic being written. You can do the research by going to the library, perhaps finding bibliographies and then finding those books that will be most helpful to do some research as a writer doing.

For research, you can look at archives on the net or other sources on the computer. Fresh new ideas where you take a different angle or perspective and perhaps add to or further develop whatever has been written and do not plagiarize but create a new approach with new perspectives that will give you new ideas to write about.

All artists learn and develop from the works previously created by those who have gone before them.

Having files and keeping clippings from magazines and letters are also resources for coming up with fresh new ideas. When you need new motivation and new ideas, look at the files you are creating and you will come up with interesting things to write about.

Likewise a good idea is to keep a notebook handy. When you think of things, write a few ideas or make notes of what you are

thinking and then you will have captured an idea and will remember what you thought of,so that you could come back to those ideas when you need them. You can read and refer to your notebook whenever its necessary.

Another very good suggestion is to keep whatever you have written and come back to it at a later time and you may find that what you wrote can be revised, updated and perfected.

The first draft of poem, article or even a book may not be the final and best draft.

Rewriting and revising are often key. I do remember being told revision, revision, revision.

Conversations are likewise possible sources for creating new ideas. You can learn much from others. Maybe exploring new concepts or learning better ways of doing things can be the beginning of a new idea. Additionally, looking in the Yellow Pages or finding a writer’s group on the Internet is a good resource for new ideas and to generate more creativity for your writing life. And now whatsoever of course is a great resource for ideas likewise is much stuff on the Internet and things like that.

Likewise, keep on writing!

By Sherry Shea Jubelirer


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