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On Imagination!

Updated on October 11, 2009

My Thoughts On Imagination and Being Imaginative


Anyone who is an artist like an author, writer and poet like I am focuses a great deal on

Whatever can stir up the imagination and bring on certain things of revelrie.  Day dreaming and imagining

Some people, places and things can make for a kind of fantasy life and experiences of language

That feed the imagination and possible writing experiences. Looking for things that create imaginative

Experiences is what some writers do when they write of will power, discipline, visualizations,

Affirmations, achievements and real peace of mind.  Using these techniques and methods

Enables the writer to use the power of words on the written page or medium where his or her work

Is  read or seen.  Visualizations get projected by the mind of the writer for moments of success and


And work is created through these experiences.  Affirmations too, help to project and create success

And achievement within the mind of the writer or artist.

Many people seek experiences of imagination by watching television, movies, videos

And theater.  They like to see what the lives of certain characters is all about and what certain characters may be thinking and doing with their life. That may give some insight into

The life they live and they get the benefit of being entertained or taught new things as well.


     Fine Dining with romantic settings such as by the Sea or lake or river may also stir feelings of

Imagination and love for some lovers. Perhaps imagining a lover and how things will play

Out for the romance is another favorite experience and is motivation for some.

Looking for ways to increase imagination is often the goal of certain books and written material.

Imagination can also be very healing and makes for happier moments when the imaginative experience

Is excellent or good. Imagination is necessary to the writer for gaining the power of works to do good

In the world.  Books do many things for many people and imagination is a certain aspect of creativity

that some books really do contain.  Imagination is creativity!  And definitely fun when the imaginations that the writer is having can be classified as good images and good imaginations.

     To finish this article, I will close by stating the dictionary definition of imagination, imaginative

And imagine. Imagination: the act or power of producing images in the mind of things not actually

Present to the senses. The creative act or faculty of producing mental images and concepts that are or seem to be totally new and original. That which is imagined as a mental image or fantasy. An irrational notion or belief.  For imaginative: the dictionary definition is: Having a capacity for or given to imagining. Characterized by or preceding from imagination.  Imagine: To form a mental image of; conceive or create in the mind. To suppose or conjecture. To use the imagination. To make conjectures; suppose.

Well let us suppose that as a writer, I will keep bringing these great articles to you!


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    • SherAnne profile image

      Sherry Shea Jubelirer 8 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Well, as a writer, I think imagination is necessary.

      Thanks for the comment!

    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 8 years ago from Florida

      Excellent! What are you without an imagination?