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Eerie eat!

Updated on August 21, 2014

a bite of bait

  • A motley fool

I am

Mottling my way

To merriment!

  • A pseudo-pschented head

Psellizes in the road of lifedom

To get knocked on a psephite!

  • Rip-roaring session

Offered he

By letting rip

Hilarious ticklers,

Just to rip off

Some of the valuables!

  • No qualms

Greasing his palm

with a lofty sum

stayed i calm

tho Freezing to numb!

  • Dirking the thoughts

In the dirty mind

Drilled I my brain

To thrill with

Enthralling mines!

  • A sequestered soul

Suffers silently

In a sepulcher!


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