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On the Knife's Very Edge

Updated on June 6, 2021

How To Breach the Topic?

How to do it?
How to bring up the Topic?

How to tell your wife you learned that she has a Facebook page....
Your wife...has a Facebook page.
And never told you....

She never told him...and used...her Maiden name.

She did not admit being married.

He exhaled in a sick huff, needing somehow to find out if something was going on.. if there was something he should know....?

Gary imagined being at the dinner table, mentioning it, as if it wasn't important;

"Saw your Facebook page.."

But that would betray his knowledge. Betray his use of Facebook and that he knew his wife on it.

If he did so, then anything that was happening or going to happen... wouldn't. At least not on Facebook.

But there were other sites... Sites he might not even know existed.

If he didn't reveal his knowledge of Facebook, if he made it a question, "You ever been on Facebook?"

she might lie, which would be more than he could take right now.

If she admitted the truth it would inexorably lead him to pose the question;

"Why did you use your maiden name and not admit you were married?"

No husband would not ask that question. Asking the first automatically provoked the second, so he couldn't ask.

As he sat at the computer he began to wonder if his wife, Ellen, had joined a dating site. In almost terror he brought up 'history'.

It was empty.
There was NO History.

There is no way history can be blank unless it was deliberately deleted. Seeing the blank, a quiet moan escaped his lips. If Gary needed 'proof' that something was going on, this was it.

He suffered the next minutes as if he'd caught his wife in their bed with another guy.
Then, pulled himself together.

The deletion of history was something he could mention over dinner.
This was perfectly feasible.

He had enjoyed a jigsaw puzzle site a few days ago which the wipe of history obliterated.

Taking the Time

Gary waited and waited until the right minute. Just as he finished chewing the last bite of his dinner, he said;

"Why did you delete all history on the Computer?" And held his breath.

"I didn't." she said as his heart died.
"I installed IOBit and did a 'clean-up' and it took away all the history, all the icons ...everything. I had to replace the Icons I remembered on the desk top."

"Oh?" he said brightly.

She began to tell him about IOBit, a malware detector, which she had heard was 'very good' She went on and on as if she was a contributor to Cnet. He listened, actually happy to hear this perfect explanation.

Then the last sentence;

"I'm pretty sure I could 'tweak' it not to take away the history and the icons, but I don't want to interfere in the protection...."

Either she was telling him; "I am going to be erasing my history so don't waste your time trying to find out where I've been.."

"Weighing the loss of a few sites that could be book marked if necessary and removing the clutter from the desk top is no price to pay."

He nodded, left the table, into the bathroom, tried to tell himself he was being silly.
He was being too suspicious. He was making a mountain out of a download.
But a piece of sand in a oyster shell..

He had to come out of the bathroom sometime.

He vowed that he would not look at her Facebook page, not to do any investigation
until Sunday.

This gave himself a few days of peace and although it was forced, he let it fill him. Nothing was wrong, everything was fine, the marriage was not under threat.

On Sunday, when she and his sister went out, (he could beg off due to the fact he had already done his service for the month) he got onto Facebook, to her page.

She had a lot more friends than he recalled from his last visit. He connected to every single male 'friend'. He visited their page, looked at their photos, everything, searching for 'clues'.

He found nothing at all questionable.

This made him even more suspicious.


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