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On my own, but not Alone

Updated on August 4, 2011

Trusting abiding in His great Love

Serving God at my church
Serving God at my church | Source
My Testimony
My Testimony | Source

He never leaves me, nor forsakes me

On my own, but not alone

Your are my constant friend
Family and friends may come and go
In my life and out they flow

With God there is no changing or shifting shadow
He is in the valley's and in the meadow
Great are you God and abundant in strength
Merciful and kind above all I ask or think

Trusting, faithful, reliable and sublime
I know I can trust you with this heart of mine
Meeting my every need, and cares in this world
Your Will is best and never unfurled

I will praise you and exalt your wonderful name
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
Are one and the same

Always abiding beside me day or night
Guiding, directing, comforting me
With your combining might

I want to serve you all the days of my life
With you by my side to take away all my worries and strife
I love you more each day, you are precious to me
Even when others cease to be

On my own, but not alone
With God by my side
His great love He has shown

© January 16, 2008

By: Bonnie J. Lytle Smith

The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows


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