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On the wings of Gallen

Updated on December 30, 2012

It always begins the same. I am poised gracefully on the back of Gallen. My black as pitch, dragon. My pale skin reflects against his dark scales. We glide gracefully above the land and waves. All is dark, with naught but the moonlight our beacon in the night. “Shall we walk upon the shore Gallen?” I ask him with my thoughts.

He glides lower and I can hear the waves upon the shore. He touches gently to the sand and tucks his wings under. I slide down, feeling the soft sand tickle my bare feet. My small hand lingers on his flank as I look out to the sea. It is dark and beautiful. The Moon is bright and the reflections of the Stars flicker upon the water.

“You are safe from sight.” Gallen’s deep voice echoes in my head. I look up to see him bow his head over me and touch my arm gently. I turn back to the shore to gaze out. To my left I see a mortal man walking the shores, searching. “Ciabhan, he awaits his lover to arrive from Tir Tairngire.” Gallen’s voice bellows within me again.

“She is not here Gallen. She is asleep upon the shores in Glandore Harbour.” I tell him with my thoughts. “Ciabhan is at the wrong shore.”

“Ascent me once again.” Gallen demands as he lowers himself. We launch quickly as I am astride him once again. He maneuvers skillfully midair as he guides us to Glandore Harbour. As we approach, I see her lying in the sand. Her beauty is magnificence. She sleeps serenely.

I begin to weep as I see and feel the horrid incident prematurely. As we begin to descent, ‘Tonn Cliodhna’ raises high above the shore. A wave so great it forms a wall of ocean. She is oblivious to her fate. I want so badly to call out to her, to the beauty that sleeps upon the shore. I will the voice that can be heard by no other. Silence is all that have.

“Her destiny has been chosen. Your fret cannot save her child.” Gallen says as gently as he could manage.

And as it was meant to be, the wave plunged toward the earth and the Goddess in all her beauty. No more will she walk this earth or the Land of Promise. As the water withdrew, her form retreated with it. Ciabhan will never know. He will walk the shores the remainder of his mortal life awaiting the return of his love.

The Sun began to emerge in the east. As Gallen and I sat silently on the coast, three brightly colored birds flew in searching for their Goddess. Their sweet songs sounding melancholy as they try to heal what cannot be restored.

I weep for Ciabhan and the love he will never find. My tears continue to fall as I mourn for the Goddess, the beauty that is Clίodhna.


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    • Cera Horne profile imageAUTHOR

      Cera Horne 

      6 years ago

      Thank You!

    • tim30044 profile image


      6 years ago from Lawrenceville, Georgia

      Well done


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