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Updated on December 1, 2016

I got up. Thinking, what am I doing. Life must not always be this way. I'm being heedless, or I'm being bratty of the mild down lows I've been getting. As young fella being thrown in the sea of reality, I did what every freshie do blame it to anybody, anyone and anything but me. Then a moment came, I realize my pathetic self, no need a mirror to point myself because my thought created a good picture of myself, the culprit of where I'am now.

You ought to see what is right,

But Society floods you with falseness

Normal state you grew accustomed

The fear of not belonging changed you

Emitting a stranger on your reflection

You sleep, thinking of the what if’s,

The thought gave you chills

Open, free, unjudged and unhurt

You who’s a mediocre to society

But stranger to your own portrait

Addressing in full intent,

"Oh how a stranger, you are now"


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