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One Dear Love

Updated on July 8, 2017

You lie so close to me, your fingers tangled around mine. You smile and your parched lips can barely mumble. I don’t know which makes me lose my mind, the eyes or the tears that roll in intervals of happiness and sorrow, but I know it’s you. You, the kindest heart you’ve given this southern boy. The warmth of your grip is the promise I longed for and I got. Every single moment of your grace, I felt, compared to no one I’ve ever known. We are like com-busting elements in a pool of complex compounds, full of fire and energy.

You cracked a smile and my heart melted with ease. The woman of my dreams, the insomnia of my night, my soothing melody in twilight. It’s you. It has always been you. The Dory to my Nemo.

Your cheeks never felt softer before the night of the thunder. You love a good rain shower don’t you? You shiver every time my fingers met your cheek and my palm brought your face closer to mine and graced your aching lips. Your eyes never looked so beautiful as it did the night of our first kiss. Your soft tender lips would melt in my mouth and you gracefully controlled every motion.

I must tell you how your writings make me stupefy, as I see you put your pen to paper and create a world which is like no other and you, indulging in it’s magnificence; you’re like this lost kitten in a street full of alleyways and potholes. Rather than taking a route you make your own. Your own way through your madness, swirling and staggering every step of the way. The beauty of your mind is the endless routes that take you places. And I want you to take me with you. But I guess I spoke too soon.

The mornings now are divergent. I can’t hear the sparrows nor the plovers chirping outside my window. The nights are longer and I am still that insomniac, but now, without a melody. While I stagger in the dark, the moon no longer shows me the way. It pulls out the curtain of clouds and remains unseen. Why did you have to go? We were only starting out. Who have I to share my day with now that the sun is harsh and the moon doesn’t even look at me? My heart is heavy and my lungs are dry. Even now that I am typing this I can’t hold back the tears rolling down my cheek. My lips stain black as coal and my chest aches for words the mind seem to control as I take another puff from the cigarette that doesn’t take me to you. The demons of the night are coming back again. My battles are about to start. I don’t know if I will ever win or will it even matter if I do, cause I don’t have you.

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