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~One Grain of Sand~

Updated on March 4, 2014

One grain of sand


Nearly invisible


If every single grain of sand

Were not there

The ocean would have no place to run

The earth would have

No gentle transition

Before it fell Into the ocean…

There are those

Who see the beauty

Who know the irreplaceable measure

Of fields of sand

Who see her beauty

From beach to beach

Shore to shore

All distinct

All a shade

A color

Of their own

They offset the crashing waves

They are the frame

around the canvas…

and every visit brings a sweet dusting

of these wonderful grains


where the beauty lives on…

And there are those

Who trudge through

Who never appreciate even one grain

But grind them under their heel…

Who find it more of an imposition

Than a blessing

Life is like the grain of sand

WE are like the grain of sand

All by ourselves, we matter very much

Because blended with others

We can change the world

There will always be those

Who will never see us

For what we are

Who will never appreciate us

Never find us a blessing

But for those

Whose souls are passionate

And deep

And see the meaning

And beauty

In everything around them

Who find value

In what others see as ordinary,

We have great significance.

Our nearly invisible existence

Has such incredible meaning

And purpose

Never forget

Every single grain of sand

Has its place.


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