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One Hour

Updated on December 20, 2009

PSP Random Mix(some forced some allowed)Heard with Ears & Recovered

Wedding Present:Canes

Teardrop Explodes:Treason

The Damned:Sick of this & That

Wedding Present:Falling

Damned:2nd Time Around

Wedding Present:Pleasant Valley Sunday

The Lords:Dance with Me

Joy Division:Isolation

Camper Van Beethove:Waka

Einsturzende Neubauten:Die Ebenen

PWEI:Everything's Cool

Xmal Deutschland:Orient

Psychic T.V.:Orchids

Joy Division:Dead Souls

Camper Van Beethoven:Never Go Back

E.N.:Robert Fuzzo

Echo&the Bunnymen:Over theWall


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds:The Mercy Seat

Teardrop Explodes: Reward

E.L.O.:Shine a Little Love

Wedding Present:Sticky

Fleetwood Mac:Dreams

Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy

I hear thunder pounding at my ear

Nature abhors a vacuume.

Yeah right:whoever said that falsely believed that human nature (for now terminating at the boundary of our atmosphere) was nature

We confuse time for the waves;we R the waves;countless grains of existance cast across reality;some ride the surface,others the currents in the depths,some the tempetous cyclones this way & that - never forget, my son, we are grains of water, not sand

fear not the day: for in its light we devour truth even as we cower from its shadow

fear not the night:for in shadows light finds creation - imagination so rich in its vastness; we but taste a sample of the feast

I go to repeat that which I'd done

smile in repost

fond for this moment

shield from the future

darkness of the past

what lure

at last

Goals reveal

shreds of shadow

a pistol's light

the bullet a mind

seeking with chance

a heart in hand


for reality is in doubt

as the monsters of reason ride high

devoured by the night

that consumer of wrong and right

& in the final fade

come to the water's edge

together let us wade


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