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One People everywhere

Updated on June 27, 2015

Obi's dream as a child was to live in America. This was because of the movies we used to watch those days. Our heroes such as John Wayne, Rambo,Commando, Clint Eastwood all made most of us especially Obi to fall in love with America. But there was something between Obi and his dream, he was just a poor boy.

Years passed and by now, Obi is grown and that dream to live in America became a must come true,he applied for the American visa three times and his application was rejected all three times, then someone told him about the train from India to America. He spent all his savings to get a visa and ticket to India only to get there and realize that there was no such train.

In India, you must have one thing on you to have friends and if you ever run out of it,you will definitely run out of friends; MONEY. Obi ran out of money and ran out of friends then life took a twist as eating became a problem,no odd job could guarantee basic feeding talk more of accommodation so instead of wallow and die in hunger,he chose to return back home. It took him a great deal of time to settle back but his knowledge of the street helped him to get back on his knees, he bought a bike and began a small transport business with it.

Two years later, his closest friend Emeka met someone who helps people to travel oversea,his speciality was forged documents; that is forged international passport. Emeka made it to Europe and that motivated Obi to again put in all his savings and was handed over a Malawi international passport.

He made it to Mexico with the guide of the new contact and had just three hours between him and his dream but luck ran out of his group as they were apprehended by the America boarder patrol as they were being smuggled into America. America has a policy of deporting illegal immigrants back to their home country so while waiting for the plane to Malawi,Obi cried to God to intervene...

"Eze ebube,Chukwu abiama,nna ndi na enwero nna, iga anozi mmili elie nwa gi, ekwena ka ifele mee nwa gi,papa okwa gi zoputara Daniel na onu agu, nnam zoputam,ekwena ka ndia bunam Malawi,biko nna ebube, onye afoma ya na akpu na ani,mere nwa gi amala na afa Jesu. Amen."

One immigration officer overheard him and became curious because he knew that the black guy among the illegal aliens was a Malawian. He approached Obi and out of curiosity asked him couple of questions...

Officer: What were you doing earlier?

Obi: Officer,i was praying

Officer: If you don't mind, what language was that because i over heard you

Obi: Officer, na zulu

Officer: Nwanna, amarom na ibu nwannem, okwa icho ibi na ala, agam enyere gi aka

Obi: Chineke! O nwa afo ka ibu?

Well, that was it and its been over twenty years and Obi is living his American dream with his crew, thanks to the Immigration officer.

Help your brother no matter the circumstance and situation.


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