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One. Reborn.

Updated on January 16, 2012

The hair on my head
The things that I said
All the words that I've read
The tears that I've shed
The eyes on my face
The smells in each place
The foods that I taste
The ones I embrace
The ears on the side
The touch you provide
The secrets that I hide
This world in which I reside
Holds all these and more
And in the midst of a war
Like an eagle I soar
Sparks fly and ignite in my core
Something has started
My former body & soul discarded
All flaws and fears are disregarded
Life has been restarted
What was once old is new
Out of my old self I grew
My troubles are few
I stand, bold and true.
I never knew what I'd be tomorrow
To survive I used to steal, not borrow
Caught up in problems causing me sorrow
No longer do I live as such. I now know.


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