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One Day Too Late

Updated on November 2, 2011
Beware! Beware! You're bound to get a scare!
Beware! Beware! You're bound to get a scare! | Source

Beware! Beware!

Beware! (Beware!) Beware! (Beware!) But don’t look over there! (Beware!)

It’s sure to set your teeth on edge and stand up all your hair! (Beware!)

On the day before this day when we all stopped to stare (Beware!)

We didn’t realize we didn’t really have a care! (Beware!)

The man came running over to us here from over there

But he did it so long ago we didn't even care!

He yelled and screamed and pointed his fingers into the air

And sounded a warning to us just like a trumpet blare

And told us to be careful and that we must all beware!

He told us they were coming here by land and sea and air

They would come to New York, Las Vegas and Eau Claire

But now we know they fly around and look at us and stare

While we try to run and hide and cover up our hair!

Inside our basements in our rooms or underneath the stair

We hide! We hide! Won't go outside! No none us of now dare!

If only we had listened then but none of us could care

We ate and drank and affected our cultured savoir faire!

But now the skies are filled with them by one or in a pair

To fly down on our heads and give each one of us a scare!

My poor grandmother who is now in need of nursing care

Sits in front of the tube and shakes her silvery white hair.

She points a bony finger at the screen while we just stare

And sarcastically states "My, this is a gala affair!"

"Why don't I sit and sip Chablis and nibble an eclair!"

Her mummified eyeballs keep me tightly in their cross-hair

Had I known what state this would come to over here or there

I would have bet the market and then died a millionaire!

But now just like everyone else I feel dread and despair

When these things seemed to materialize out of thin air!

Like some half-naked warrior inside a circled square

I try to take let the enemies know that I really care

I plant my feet and jut my jaw and let sweat ruin my hair

And let them know no enemy of theirs could quite compare

I dig into the damp, cold earth amid elements rare

To try to find some way to beat the goblins in their lair

My comfort is now gone and I breath musty, dusty air

I look around for canned dog food or some old, moldy pear

I would rather face to face with some old grizzled bear

Then face them now, I don't know how! My spirit's full of scare!

The fate of all the poor ones left behind I will not share

No good earth to toil or plant by acre or hectare

And how they came! The shame! The shame! Through a hole in the air

Made larger by our equipment we left in disrepair!

They ran after mommy, daddy, banker and au pair

Beware! Beware! I say beware! Do not become unaware!

Don't be an idiot who will just stand around and stare! Beware!

And now they say they'll go away to their place of repair

For they have tired of being seen in all the sun's harsh glare

But as they leave no sigh I'll heave nor dry up my poor tears

Because they said they'll not go dead, they'll be back in four years!

text copyright (C) 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved

photo used by open license


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