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One of the Earthly Angels

Updated on January 16, 2014

Sometimes what we need in life is someone to carry us along. You see, God works in different ways and he doesn't come down to say to us do this or do that or to say to us, you did well or you did bad. He does all of these by sending Angels.

There are so many Angels around us and i call them EARTHLY ANGELS. I have come across a good number of them but the one i wish to talk about today is one that motivated me in my career.


I found myself in a career that requires fund but thanks to the advancement in technology, with not that much nowadays, one can actually get into it and do it so far there is passion and determination.

I did the movie with all i had and put in so much to make sure that it was done well. I know for sure that a good movie creates two groups. Likes and Dislikes but that didn't bothered me because i liked my movie and had this approach towards the dislikes. IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY MOVIE, DON'T WATCH OR BETTER DO YOUR OWN.

That particular movie to me was my stepping stone and although a good number of people commended me and my team, there was this one man that gave me the zeal to pursue my dream as a film maker. You see, the movie was not a narrative sort of rather nonlinear, so most folks couldn't understand what the story was about but after watching the movie.

This man came to me and shook my hand and his words encouraged me, moved me and i found the missing thing i needed to excel in his honest commendation.

"Well Mr. Mobis, you have a good movie, a good picture, the sound is perfect, i like it, it is a powerful story".

He left not knowing what he has done to me, those words were like adding fuse to passion because it helped me to shape my career as a filmmaker. None of you here knows this Angel but it is my honor to talk about him today and to introduce one of the Angels i have met in my life.

Please find it as an honor if you read this article to meet Mr Emnette Tumbay.


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