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Healing By Jerlin Leroy

Updated on February 26, 2017


"I hold a lot of things dear seen so many go but I still persevere

Mind over matter But can't seem to keep it clear

Heart Broken and I'm broke.......Gotta a lot of fears

slang dope but Satan always hears

empty cheers for the team trying for years

Stuck with no passion time to shift gears

Look into my eyes i'm trying to be sincere

shit... its like death is coming near But nobody wanna listen

nobody hears That's probably what he fears

I bleed for this ill show you while I cut off my ear

its a show are you seeing this everybody has to go

Nobody wants to be in this

situation but nobody knows

are you getting this the signal always grows

For now that's how it goes.................... - Jerlin Leroy



Something I was listening to.




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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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