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Only One Escape

Updated on May 2, 2012

In the wilderness of pain

Consciousness rules in vain

For there is only one escape.

For all it is worth

In the place of my birth

Many things have come forth:

The will to be weird

A longing to be revered

Prolonged discord of the senses

Which actually tenses

Distorting vision through lenses

Feeling humiliation without reprieve

And to truly believe

That we respond only to love and fear

All else far and near

Has us dying on the vine

Or suffering some derangement of the mind

Hear the Reaper knocking at your door

He is ready when you seem not

Because you have since forgot

That the grim day does surely come

To the living
When all is said and done.

So you must bid a bitter sweet goodbye

To those near and dear who cry

To pets who gave their loyalty

To pain which never once did lie

And reluctantly bow with humility

To the Messenger who has come

And has no need for your vanity

But only your final sigh

And to finally die.

Maria D’Alessandro 2012


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