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Only dreaming - poetry

Updated on August 16, 2017

one winter night.

In a deep slumber surely.

Snoring loudly - duvet over my body.

I had a dream - I had a dream.

Journeying in the past and the future,

Seeing the Moon passing between the Sun and Earth.

Only my mind was at work,

Only my mind knew where I was,

I was enjoying this dream ,on a snowy night.

It was vivid and real in my mind.

I was actually living the dream in my mind.

It was real, true and enjoyable.

The dream gave me hope.

Dreaming being on top of a mountain,

Dreaming hugging angels,

Speaking in tongues with angels was stunning.

It made me a supernatural being.

Dreaming dining with God gave me happiness.

Dreaming flying in wonderland,

In a crimson rocket was soothing.

Dreaming being a millionaire,

Gave me hope, comfort and satisfaction,

Dreaming in God's palace, gave me pride.

The king Midas' touch of gold blessed the dream.

Everything I touched turned into gold.

The bed I was sleeping on was pure gold.

The plates, the spoons I touched turned into gold.

The whole house was 'bling -bling'.

Everything around me turned into glittering gold.

As I suddenly woke up, my happiness ended abruptly.

When reality struck, I realised I was only dreaming.

The naked truth was before me.

Oh for heaven's sake!

I was still the usual Tom.

Sleeping in my shabby tiny room.

I was still the usual Tom.

Who could hardly afford a meal,

I was still the city beggar.

With torn clothes and hardly an underwear,

Fully awake and overwhelmed with disappointment,

I shouted - Oh dear! Oh hear!

I was only dreaming.

it's not real and it shall never be!


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