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Only the time can tell when I stop loving you.

Updated on October 2, 2019

Only the time can tell when I stop loving you.

It was 7:00 o'clock in the evening of 2007 when Rachel entered at the internet cafe' with a cool atmosphere and air-conditioned room. She rented and set in front of one (1) computer unit and began surfing in different website just to entertained herself to re-leave stressed from a stressful work. She used headset to hear music to avoid distraction to her fellow internet cafe' customers. She looked at the apps of the computer, and started to click the Yahoo Messenger Chatroom. She was online in a seconds then a message pop-up on the computer screen named Arjun "Hello! How are you" Arjun said. " I'm fine" and how you are too?" Rachel replied. Rachel shocked when she opened her camera, "oh! he is handsome guy" she told herself. They introduced themselves. Rachel is the government employee while Arjun was an Architect work in Saudi Arabia and his home place is Indian. Arjun is a handsome guy and Rachel also beautiful woman. She observed that Arjun is respectful guy way he talked, he never talked non-since topic. Their chat conversation long up to two (2) hours. and before they said goodbye, they talked about the next time schedule. They need to adjust themselves because of time difference between two nations Saudi Arabia and Philippines. Saudi Arabia is late five hours than Philippines. They agreed the scheduled of four times every week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8:00 o"clock in the evening because they were both working.

Because of constant communications, they fall in love each other. When Arjun proposed his love to Rachel, she immediately accept him. on December 25, 2008 Christmas Day when Arjun Visited Rachel to Philippines. This is his first time to visit Rachel. He traveled direct from Saudi Arabia to Philippines to celebrate Christmas Day instead to going home to India. They were happy together with Rachel's family on Christmas eve. After mass they ate together and he was enjoy eating Filipino dishes. "Honey, I really enjoy in staying here with you honey" Arjun said. Yes me too sweetheart".Rachel replied and Arjun talked with big smile in his face. He was really enjoy together with his loved one. It's sad because it's time for him to going home on December 29, 2008. They kiss and hug each other goodbye before Arjun go in the departure area of the airport. On January 1, 2009, it's a New Year's Day, very early in the morning when Rachel received call from his loved one Arjun " Hi honey! Happy New year!" Arjun greetings to Rachel. Hello sweetheart Happy New Year too". Rachel replied. How's your New Year honey? Arjun asked. "Fine sweetheart but not like as happy as you were here with me". Rachel replied. "Promise honey I will back soon. That's a promised you honey" Arjun assured to Rachel that he will back soon.

One time when Arjun and Rachel chat again, Rachel noticed that Arjun is not in a good mode, he is very sad, tired, and uncomfortable. What's your problem sweetheart? Why you are so sad? Rachel asked. "I have big problem honey. My ex-girlfriend was pregnant and I am the father of the child in her womb, because we had a date 6 months ago, before of our break up. She give birth soon" Arjun replied. "Oh!"Rachel said. She felt shocked all of her life she was thinking she is only woman of her loved one. She cried in uncontrolled emotions on that moment right then". Arjun feel so petty to her but he is nothing to do because he need to tell the truth to Rachel. According to Arjun she did not love to her ex-girl friend since they broke up 6 months ago. That is why he was looking for another woman and that is Rachel. So, what you are going to do now? Rachel asked. My parents want me to marry my ex-girlfriend because they like this woman for me and I decided to follow my parent wants." Arjun answered. Because Arjun is the only son of their parent, and he is very loyal to them, he follow all the plans about of getting married to his ex-girl even though he did not yet fall in love to her. Rachel feel sad about it because her dreams failed

Arjun going home to India to marry a woman for his parent choice. and after one (1) year he go back to Saudi to work again. Rachel and Arjun continue their relationship after Arjun back to work. They Continue their communications through Facebook messenger because lately the Yahoo Messenger is no longer available. They did the same, chat using video camera to see each other. Talking like nothing happen that he is already married. They ignore the situation that he is not free, but because they love each other. "I still love you honey". Arjun said "I still love you too and only the time tell when I stop loving you" Rachel replied in a sad voice.


Yes I love you

When I hold to our picture in my hand,

I hold it so tight.

I put it near to my heart.

Then my tear drops down from my eyes.

Our picture can tell.

Sometimes, in my life I feel.

A feelings of happiness.

Since before, I had never experience.

I take good care of it.

I put it in my wallet,

Every time I open it,

I can see your handsome face.

I cried in so many night,

Cause by my lonely heart,

I don't know what to do,

Only the time can tell,

When I stop loving you.


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