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Opposites Poem

Updated on April 23, 2013

Evil would be avoided if only we could
Making time in our lives to do some Good

Day is a time that’s bathed in sun light
Fading away into the moonlit Night

Hot as an iron, too much to hold
Left out all night and now it is Cold

Dirt on my clothes, seen and unseen
With effort once again they can be Clean

Dark in the room and nothing in sight
a flip of a switch and all is bathed in Light

Mean gets you nowhere, enemies you entice
You get much further by treating people Nice

Fat in most food, seems you can’t win
Strict controlled diet to make yourself Thin

Bald and older the thought is so scary
But not quite as bad as being overly Hairy

Awake for too long, drowsiness can creep
Drifting slowly away until you’re Asleep

© 2013 Eric Niehoff



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