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Oracle of Words

Updated on August 16, 2016

Every word has crux.

Can frame or consume.

Luscious like honey, at times bitter as gourd.

Can be an armor or a sword.

Delivered words by the mouth inevitably had place.

Inside the junk or inside soul case.

What's important somebody has captured with comprehension.

Even the motive was for downfall.

Whatever one has spoken,quest for gem among the ore.

Take the meat spit the bones.

For if you will ingest even the bones,

you will be intoxicated to the point of termination.

Bona fide prudent,proficient to filtrate.

Always acquiring cream from the rummage

Differentiate treasure from spurious wealth.

Distinguish nourishment from taking ache.

There were words that hard to receive.

For it touches truth that hurts on oneself.

What's important you know the word humility.

Knees are bowed down,hearts are opened.

There were no disagreements that can't be solve.

Of two parties open to grant pardon.

Huge changes can make when both know how to say,

"Please forgive me, Can we start again!"


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    • profile image

      rhoda 14 months ago

      words spoken have power. Nice!