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RTH 6 - Ordinary And Alive

Updated on August 5, 2012

Rocket To Heaven Cycle Pt 6

Coffee and a donut

You eat this I know but

Coffee tears up my gut

I'd as soon drink latte'

As eat liver pate'

And so I'll keep my eyes shut

As you lay in bed

We should be ready but instead

We run through things inside our collective head

Your robe is cool green

You're the best part of this scene

That what I've always said

You know it's true

My jeans are true blue

Your eyes are blue too

Nothing else will ever do

We put on your white pants

Pink tee shirt and we dance

And we pull the pump through

I know you don't eat

A donut or sweet treat

Don't drink coffee or eat meat

The van it is here, dear

So dear, let's get out of here

Come on and just take your seat

We're sailing on through

The lumps on your belly

Are my armpits smelly?

It's been years since I've had blueberry jelly

Red beets and green peas

New grass and old trees

This sandwhich was made by Machiavelli

The crux of the matter

Is I'm all a-tatter

Life is so much better than color telly

When I'm with you

I'll eat some ice cream

We'll cheer for the home team

So many don't know it but this is a real dream

You think it is funny

To see bright and sunny

And it all goes up in my esteem

Your sonar's detected

The point unprotected

You put a new rhythm in my rhyme scheme

And we won't stop til we're through

The weird and the normal

Laid-back and formal

Sometimes it's nice to be light and informal

Your hair is short now

The storm's in the port now

There's nothing here that is abnormal

And it's receiving it's due

The new epic of now

We'll get through this somehow

While we beat my old sword into a plow

We had no idea

In the galleria

A gun was worth less than a cow

And the bottom of the slide

Is the ultimate thrill ride

And we're here side by side

And that's the best part of this whole magilla!

copyright (C) 2012 christopher w neal all rights reserved

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