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Oscar the Survivor.

Updated on November 11, 2015

Still Going.

Oscar ,my feline friend

the three legged cat,

attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier

we thought that was that.

took him to the Vets,he lost one leg

he made an amazing recovery

full of grit,he'd never beg.

a true survivor,he's lived on till eleven

the way he is,a long way from heaven.

thankfully the attack dog,has passed away

can't say I'm sorry,I've had my say.

happened when he was three,

he's twelve years old

he's faster now than he ever was

he's even more bold.

he's very game,maybe a bit mad

saw him fight a fox,I was worried just a tad.

he won the battle of wills,came out the winner

fox off very quickly,made to feel the sinner.

he will live to a ripe old age

maybe he will surpass fifteen

he has to calm his emotions

he can be rather mean

most strong willed pet,

I've ever had

i love his grit and determination

when he goes I'll be very sad.

Will power in droves.

this cat has defied all the odds,the vet gave him a slim chance after his attack.he had crushed bones,internal damage,eventually his leg had to be removed.after a few weeks his spirit was inspirational.he hobbled around on three legs as if he'd been that way all his life.never showed any signs of pain or discomfort.thankfully he's still my right hand man till this day.

My wee buddy.

Will power.

if I could measure guts ,on a scale of ten

Oscar would top it again and again.

survived being attacked on two occasions

lucky first time,second was a more serious situation.

he's battled on, he's never given in

been through a lot,he's destined to win.

Oscar and Jake.

PDSA angels.

if it had not been for the people's dispensary for sick animals,our cat would never have made it.they operated immediately and brought our cat back in to our lives.he was very close to death after his attack,but the PDSA worked their miracles and saved my daughters and our family cat.a charity that doesn't receive any government funding.


it never ceases to amaze me how pets affect your emotions and generally become a member of the family.they endear themselves to you with their antics and affection,irrevocably touching your heart .when your pet suffers,you as a family definitely suffer as feel badly if your not there for them.

Not my favourite by any stretch.

when we initially got our cat,I was not totally sold on the situation.i was not the biggest fan of cats.I've been a dog person all my life,but after a while he got under my skin and now we can't imagine life without the wee guy.

Very smart.

cats are by far the most intelligent pets I think.everytine my cat and dog battled in play fights,usually the cat came out on top.considering I had a Rottweiller and he's a small cat,it's no mean task getting the better of a vastly more huge adversary.

Two close pals.

Mind changes every day.

our family dog recently died,I honestly think our cat misses him.he often stares at photos of the dog,or stares at things that belonged to the dog.i think they formed a tight bond.they were pretty much in each other's company all day long.unusual considering the old myths that cats and dogs are forever mortal enemies.there was never any signs of hatred all the time they were together.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Hi peachpurple,yes his back legs started failing him,vet and my family decided it was best for him to be put to sleep.14 years old was great innings for a Rottweiller.And he was so close to the cat,inseperable.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      did you old dog died due to old age? I have never seen a cat and dog with such close relationship. I wish I had a dog too. I have a cat but my hubby hates it.