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Our Father Who Art Thou

Updated on May 31, 2013
Prisana and Art and friend
Prisana and Art and friend | Source

JOB - 7:9 Ask the former generations and find out what their fathers learned...will they not instruct you and tell you?

Sitting alone

on Lake Geneva's shore

I mourn the hour

and watch the birds.

Shivering in the cold

I mourn the silence.

Old men and snow,

another picture show.

Speak to me of Plato,

oh father of Wisdom.

Hemingway shot himself,

but Dante survived.

"Save me!" you cry,

"I want to die."

A Savior screams back at you:


Prisana Nuechterlein

Copyright 2000

Veyrier, Switzerland
Veyrier, Switzerland | Source


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    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 4 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      An Interesting Comment from James regarding Geneva etc.:


      I have a comment on the comment you stated here.It is taken from my oem :Don t go to Geneva.

      Everyone is an hypocrite

      much more induldged in criticizing the Saudit

      for not letting women driving cars

      and never ever dared to air the Tzars

      torturing Syrian women behind bars.

      Women and kids are killed in great numbers.Check in Google the Massacre of Houla as an examle ,where most killed were children and women.You may have wondered why Bachar is targetting kids and women.The answer is very simple.He is trying to restore a balance of fear, perhaps the most powerful weapon in the hands of tyrants throughout history. Killing children is supposed to intimidate the opposition.That's what Iran did in 2009 when the so-called Green Revolution arose after the disputed presidential elections. Tehran used its paramilitary Basij militias to brutally suppress the protests. But that was before the Arab uprisings showed people throughout the Middle East that sometimes revolutions do succeed.

      When al-Assad scans the horizon, he sees what happened to other Arab dictators. The presidents of Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen have lost power. The example of Moammar Gadhafi does not seem to apply to him so far, since opinion in the West until now has leaned against direct military intervention.A reign of terror helped al-Assad's father, the feared Hafez Assad, keep power for three decades, and then hand the country to his son as if it amounted to private property to be inherited by the next generation. When the elder Assad faced an uprising in 1982, he ordered his loyal army to pulverize the opposition. The entire town of Hama was razed to the ground. Estimates of the dead range from 10,000 to 30,000 killed by Assad's troops. That put a quick end to the revolt.

      The younger al-Assad is trying to do his father proud. But, despite the mounting death toll, he has lost the weapon of fear. Already 13,000 people are said to have died in the Syrian uprising. Despite that, the protesters are not staying home.

      Al-Assad, incidentally, denies any responsibility for the Houla massacre. He blames what he calls "terrorists," but nobody's buying his denials. Witnesses say, and the evidence confirms, that government troops started firing tank shells and mortars at protesters during the Friday demonstration that has become a ritual of the anti-dictatorship movement.

      You said :Rebels use terrorist tactics exclusively which makes them: Terrorists.. Can you give me such examples.?

      and also :The "rebels" say there is no place for Christianity in a post Assad Syria.Can you point who said that ?

      In Every War Must End ,Fred Charles Ikle says:

      In the turbulent era ahead, crises will occur that threaten national survival and utter destruction might not be averted without the prompt use of military force. It is crucial, therefore, that the United States and its friends relearn the rules for ending a war with strategic foresight and skill so that the hard-won military victory will purchase a lasting political success.

      USA must interfere to stop the genocides made by Syrian army against civilians,bearing in mind how to deal the period after the Al Assad,not repeating the same mistakes they made in Iraq.They should have that Strategy,I think they learned quickly from Iraq invasion.That s why they are training some special freedom fighters in Jordan .

    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 4 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      Really sorry to hear about your friend. I've lost too many friends to suicide or have friends who lost their children to suicide. This past year 2 friends lost their son's and the year before another friend lost her son. The grief for their parents and those who loved/love them is unbearable. The only way to save them is to first be aware that they are even contemplating suicide...but the final choice is really up to them...we can only save ourselves at that point. Parents feel guilty, but we were born with free will. If we see life as a blessing and not a curse, than we will survive. Easier to say for those of us who are not starving or in a war zone etc.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 4 years ago

      It was just Father's Day. Perhaps my friend had more than he could bear. We all face times like this. His wife left and took the kids. Just the other day my friend ended it all. I passed that way decades ago. Depression still takes a toll. How do we live. It seems so easy to end the suffering. "Snap out of it!" People tell this to relatives and friends often. No - for too many snapping out of it is not possible. "Hang in there", is more appropriate. Thanks for thinking of the father. God bless.

    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 4 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      My Mom under the influence of red wine (she is the world's biggest lightweight...can't even drink a sip without getting very affected) told me that she was from Quasar. Good to know that you don't think I cluck...ha ha...

      I once had a dream that the Earth was a part of a larger planet...a meteor hit the larger planet and the smaller part spun off from an other universe and became what we now call the Earth. This is why we have Alien DNA....and also explains our longing to reunite with Mother Planet...

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Hahaha... Personally, I always suspected my mother as being Alien... it is so unnatural being able to swear at one's children in complete silence! I'm sorry Prisana... re the chicken... I never picked you as a clucker! :) I was referring to Epi's previous post, while trying to not detract from the praise we both rightfully have for your work! And re UFO's... in the clearness of our night sky... I have seen many strange, incredible and unexplained events... even the flight of UFC's... You know... unidentified flying chickens! And re your words...

      I am once again humbly reminded of some wisdom I once read here, written by a Divine Being:

      "Living sometimes feels like a journey to remember...

      That which we were essentially given at birth... "

      I hope others on My planet will also appreciate the true nature of such words... and crow about them! :)

    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 4 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      PD...I am you pet chicken? Not sure clucking is my aim here....flying yes, clucking no. Thanks for the admirable and gem you believe in Aliens and have you ever seen a UFO?

    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 4 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Oh..Okay... I wondered where my favorite pet chicken had roamed to! But to be fair, I must say... lunch is always such an admirable fate for those with much to cluck about! Prisana... yet another gem from the depths of an interesting history and winding path... thank you for so stylishly sharing this one.. take care... PD

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Yes I have missed you but it sounds like your life is good right now and

      I am writing to you from lake erie time 12:29pm on this Friday after my last cup of wake-up coffee (lol) for the day and waiting for my roast chicken to cook in the oven for my lunch. I will take a short walk along my beach and check on my cats who love being outside on their deck.

      Stay well my friend, be happy and keep thinking good thoughts

    • Prisana profile image

      Prisana Nuechterlein 4 years ago from Thailand and Colorado

      I have so much to tell you but will wait until I am less sleepy. I have missed you and all my Hubfriends. Your kind words always lifted/lifts my are a HubAngel! It is 4:01 here in Denver...I also await Daybreak and feel so much warmer having read your wonderful note and warm wishes from 3 special cats in Canada!

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Again , a great and truly moving work of poetic art , my friend.

      It is a miracle to see you once again and I remember back in the day when I read you - there was something about your writing that went to a higher level - no one writes like you and that makes you very special indeed. So awesome to see/read/ and hear from you again - made my day here at lake erie time ontario canada 5:44am as the cats, Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel and I await the daybreak over the lake around 7am - and sending you the most sincere warmest wishes from the three of us